Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research

Geiselbergstraße 69
14476 Potsdam-Golm
Phone: +49 331 568 -1000
Fax: +49 331 568-3000

Polymers are an integral part of life. As the main constituents of plastics we encounter them in the home, in the automotive and aerospace industries and in medical and electrical engineering.

Especially synthetic petroleum-based polymers but also biopolymers from renewable raw materials are used. Both classes of polymers are processed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP in Potsdam-Golm. They are the basis for the development of efficient and sustainable materials, functional materials and additives. Furthermore processes and products for the entire range of polymer applications are developed.

Specialized in manufacturing, processing and characterization of polymers Fraunhofer IAP processes orders of locally based SMEs to large companies worldwide operating at home and abroad.


  • films, fibers, fiber-reinforced biocomposites
  • nonwovens
  • bioplastics and biobased plastics
  • polymer OLEDs
  • polymer-electronic components
  • optical and photosensitive functional materials
  • chromogenic polymers
  • polymer surfaces
  • microcapsules, nanocomposites
  • functional colloids, polymer dispersion
  • hydrogels, surfactants, additives
  • polymers for bio-medical materials and applications
  • construction materials


  • polymer synthesis
  • polymer processing
  • technology and process development
  • process optimization
  • scaling-up to pilot plant scale
  • structure characterization
  • surface analysis
  • material testing